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Greetings....Chris Dunham here. I am a father of two, consider myself a pretty cool Dad. I love hanging out with my son but at the present time, he is in our Armed Forces, serving our country, OohRah! We text and face time to help fill the void while he is being one of the few, the proud, the MARINES!

My daughter is 23, which is nuts! She gorgeous, has a huge Heart and infectious smile. She loves working with the mentally challenged ( not sure if that’s politically correct, if it’s not, that’s life) and she just had a baby! He was born on 12/31/2019 and is the coolest grandson ever (yep, better than yours, so don't even try to say he's not).

I don’t get into politics all that much, I vote and that allows me to complain if I don’t like what our elected officials are doing.

I am 100% American, fly my Flag outside my house 24/7/365 days a year. Love what I do for a living. Love my wife (of 23 years) in Feb 2019.

She and I are “running buddies for life.” We train and run Half Marathons together (about 10 times a year). She’s a teacher ( and a bad ass one,) was Teacher of the year a while back - even has a Golden Apple (really, you can’t eat it either.

She’s Italian and tells it like it is ( just as I do), so that’s pretty damn cool. She’s also my Queen and drop dead gorgeous.

We eat very healthy and are runners. Everything from a 5k to half marathons on and off the trails.

In my spare time, I give back, I don’t give back to be recognized, I do so because it’s one of my passions in life.

So if you are looking to buy or sell a home, or know of someone who will be moving next, reach out, my info is below.

Peace! And thanks for checking out my profile. If you have any questions, seriously, anything, just ask. I am an open book.

Chris Dunham,
The Real Estate Guy™

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